Do you even know what the goal is?

November 16th, 2012

Don’t feel bad if you don’t. In my experience, many talented, ambitious people — even successful ones — don’t really know what they’re after. Or, if they know, they’re not willing to admit it and go for it. So if you’re unclear of your goals, realize that you’re not alone . . .

. . . but then get up and do something about it. I wrote my most recent CareOne column specifically to address this challenge:

How Will You Know When You Win?

Years ago, I learned a business lesson that’s as valuable as it is simple: When you’re setting out on a project, you want to have it very clear in your mind — and in the mind of anyone involved in the project — how you’ll know when you win.

In sports, it’s simple: you have a better score than your opponent when the game is over. If you’re a salesperson, it’s the straightforward question of whether you met your quota or not.

But not everything can be so simple.

So how will you know when you win in your own life?

I encourage you to read the rest on the CareOne blog and then let me know what you think.

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