Tiny Stories, part 5

May 26th, 2011

After too much delay . . . more stories that fit in a single tweet.

Her choice in the category of “Favorite Album Ever” told him that he could never, ever fall in love with her.

~ ~ ~

He was successful, & cute. But she couldn’t decide whether his misogyny, his drinking, or his self-loathing was most revolting.

~ ~ ~

She couldn’t rid herself of him. She wasn’t stuck on his love or the sex or the money. She was addicted to the struggle.

~ ~ ~

Desperate to do something big – & get laid – he dreamed of starting a social-hookup-network called Qwiki. But the name was taken.

~ ~ ~

He’d always hoped to cut a dashing figure. But the pretty woman talking to him at the party had already forgotten his name.

~ ~ ~

He’d been happily off the market for years, but it didn’t hurt his feelings to be flirted with by a slim woman in the beer aisle.

~ ~ ~

She had a saucy mouth. He couldn’t stop looking at that mouth. He would learn that she also had the conscience of a dragonfly.

~ ~ ~

She looked tough and beautiful. For the first time in his life, he wished he had tattoo sleeves.

~ ~ ~

Believing that she would die without any of what she wished for in life, she settled on trying not to be miserable.

~ ~ ~

His vest, tie, and shades were just so. He thought he looked cool. Others thought he looked like a waiter who just got off duty.



Image by JD Hancock.

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  1. Stuart Hampton Says:

    Qwiki. Now that’s funny!

    (I have always had a fantasy about being an English professor and demanding 140-characters-or-less book summaries from my students).

    For example, War and Peace by Tolstoy:

    Russian noble bastard tries to kill Napoleon, but fails.

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