Words and their meanings: “blog” versus “post.”

May 24th, 2011

Possibly it’s just me. But I flinch when someone uses the “blog” to refer to a blog post.

Case in point: today I read a blurb via social media that extolled “Four must-read blogs on Topic X.” Given the source, I thought to myself, “Cool, I need to know more about Topic X, and I’ll bet this guy knows what he’s talking about. So let me check out these four blogs. Maybe I can add one or two of them to my RSS reader to help me keep up with Topic X.”

Alas, the guy was just pimping four individual posts from his company’s blog.

I would understand it if the technical term for “post” were something unwieldy like “transmogrification” or “categorical imperative” or “flux capacitor.” But it’s just “post” — as short and sweet as “blog.”

To recap, in my world:

  • “Blog” = venue in which posts are made
  • “Post” = individual installment within a blog

Rant over. Thank you for your attention.

Image by Mark Gstohl.

One Response to “Words and their meanings: “blog” versus “post.””

  1. Ari Herzog Says:

    Awesome, Tim.

    The local newspaper employs Disqus for residents and other readers to write their comments. Because most people anonymize themselves, I’ve noticed that most onlookers who don’t read blogs call these people “bloggers.” I routinely get confused and then correct them they are “commentators.”

    But my nitpick is to call entries I write an “article” and not a “blog post.” But that’s a different discussion.

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