Tiny Stories.

November 10th, 2010


Every medium fosters its own genres. Twitter fosters very short stories. Here are a few that I have written lately.


The two of them looked at each other, after many years, & said “This isn’t working” in the same moment. Both sighed with relief.


An old man, living alone, he regretted nothing; he dwelt upon the smell of his wife’s hair & how much they had laughed together.


38 days since she slammed the door on her way out. No calls. 38 days since he was last a father. He blinked and took another sip.


The 2 of them, giggling, climbed up to the treehouse. They read comic books by flashlight until they fell asleep, heads touching.


She wondered when she’d stop thinking about the sad, drunk woman – unrecognizable but inescapable – she had been in her twenties.


I don’t know why so many of these are bleak. If you care to keep up when I write little sketches like this, I (usually, when I remember) mark them for inclusion in my Twitter “Favorites” feed.

Wanna try your own hand? I’d love to read your efforts in the comments. Don’t worry about limiting yourself to exactly 140 characters—just see what you can do in the span of a sentence or two.


(Photo by JD Hancock.)

4 Responses to “Tiny Stories.”

  1. Glenda Spain Says:

    38 days is soooo like RB Parker and Spenser!

    A tall pine stood in the middle of the forest, it’s verdant umbrella casting a shadow on the ground below. Furry tails frolicked in the needles.

  2. Jodi Henderson Says:

    The crisp fall air held the scent of burning wood. It reminded her of happy childhood holidays in faraway places.

  3. Tim Walker Says:

    Nice, ladies!

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