The clown circus that is Austin’s Capital Metro.

September 21st, 2009

From Michael King’s commentary in the current issue of the Austin Chronicle:

I don’t believe TxDOT and the highway lobby recruited double agents to run Cap Metro into the ground and thereby discredit forever even the possibility of serious mass transit in Central Texas — it only seems that way. It’s unlikely that laid-off screenwriters from The X-Files are responsible for the inexplicable delays that have made the agency’s agoraphobic commuter train a public laughingstock.

It goes on from there.

More damning analysis, this time from Ben Wear of the Austin American-Statesman. These are the opening grafs:

Capital Metro didn’t know what it was getting itself into.

That might sound like a shot from one of the transit agency’s critics. Instead, it is in effect the agency’s explanation for why its MetroRail commuter line from Leander to downtown Austin is now 15 to 18 months late in opening. And still counting.

Capital Metro, by its own admission, didn’t know when it asked voters in 2004 for permission to build the 32-mile line how complex an undertaking it faced, or the full scope of the project, or the work and time required to fix glitches and malfunctions that would arise along the way.

What? Complexity in adding an entirely new mode of transport to a previously bus-only transit system? Un-possible!

Read further in both articles . . . but only if you have a stomach for incompetence that hinders the public weal.

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