A fascinating report from Fallujah.

January 5th, 2008

While it would have been better if the U.S. military had been allowed to pursue its current tactics sooner, it’s good to know that things are so much better in the city that became a byword for violence in Iraq. Michael Totten’s long report — words and pictures — from Fallujah is free of political talk, and full of his cogent first-person observations of what’s going on there. It’s a great example of what my friend Ethan Casey calls “the sniff on the ground” — up-close reporting that really gives you a new view into a part of the world you’ll never see.

A Plan to Kill Everyone

. . . “Marines are more focused than soldiers,” Sergeant Balley told me. “If we get in a fire fight, you will see.”

But I could see it, a little, even though we weren’t being shot at. They do seem to make themselves a little bit harder to injure or kill than Army soldiers. The differences aren’t huge, but they are there. One of the reasons I felt relaxed in Fallujah was that they seemed so over-prepared for everything. . . .

Check it out.

(Tip of the hat to Nancy Rommelmann for the link.)

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