Lynette Chiang has excellent things to say about career building.

October 31st, 2007

Read them here:

Write your own duty statement and see who buys it.

By the way, Chiang has already had a fascinating career. Read more about it here.

Go, Lynette!

2 Responses to “Lynette Chiang has excellent things to say about career building.”

  1. The Galfromdownunder Says:

    Hey Tim! My narcissistic little Google alert directed me to your blog and very nice compliment. Danke! I only wish I had things of global rather than water-cooler importance to say like you, keep it up. Go Tim!
    I’ve had the best times in your hometown Austin. See
    I hope Amy’s brings back that bleu cheese ice cream (to be enjoyed with ginger snaps) when I next visit …

  2. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks for te comment, Lynette! Most of what I write about is water-cooler talk . . . just a different water-cooler. :)

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