Local business plug: Vulcan Video.

September 2nd, 2007

Mostly we rent from Netflix, because the convenience is extraordinary. But sometimes you want a particular movie and you want it now. Today, Austin’s own Vulcan Video saved the day on that score.

The funny thing is, I tried finding the movie — not something obscure, mind you, but Raiders of the Lost Ark — at three different Blockbusters closer to my house. One of them doesn’t own a copy, the other two didn’t have any on hand.


So I called Vulcan Video near the campus. They had the video and promised to set it aside for me. Since I haven’t lived very close to a Vulcan in years, I wasn’t a member, but that took only a few minutes to rectify. The folks at the store were friendly and helpful, and my kids liked going into the store because it was so different from the hunky-dory chain-store layout of Blockbuster. My son even ran into one of his classmates — confirming to me that Austin can still be a small town sometimes.

Vulcan Video confirmed to me that, sooooo very often, local is best. If you’re in Austin and haven’t already, check ’em out.

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