The latest in the battle over Northcross.

August 3rd, 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about this, but for those of you who are curious, here’s the latest in the battle over the future of the Northcross shopping center in my neighborhood.

The community group RG4N (Responsible Growth for Northcross) continues to oppose the plan of Wal-Mart and Lincoln Properties (sketched out here) to build a ginormous Wal-Mart Supercenter + three-story parking garage on part of the site of the current Northcross Mall (which will — and should — be torn down in any case). Because RG4N has gotten no love from the retailer, the developer, or the Austin City Council, they’ve filed a lawsuit to stop the current development plan, claiming (I think accurately) that the developers grossly underestimate the traffic impacts that a 24-hour Supercenter will have on Anderson and Burnet, the two thoroughfares that border the Northcross site.

To aid the cause of their legal action, RG4N is raising funds. So, if you have $20 or $50 burning a hole in your pocket and you don’t want to see Wal-Mart build the wrong, wrong, wrong kind of store on this site, why not pitch in? You can do it here. If you want more information about RG4N’s position and its plans for the future, check out the documents posted here.

The Austin Chronicle also ran a story about the Northcross fracas in last week’s issue.

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