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August 2nd, 2007

Besides being an enviably kick-butt nonfiction author, Steven Berlin Johnson is an Internet entrepreneur. His current project,, allows users to keep up with online news pegged to their own locale. (See, for example, the page for Austin.) Among other things, the system collects information posted by “placebloggers” — i.e., those folks whose blogs are dedicated to local/community news.

But what about those of us who only occasionally blog about our neighborhoods/cities/states? Well, Johnson & Co. have now come up with an answer: Not Just For Placebloggers Anymore

. . . today we’re making it far easier for those bloggers to share their location-based posts with the community. All you have to do is submit your blog URL using this form (assuming you’re a registered neighbor), and then tag your posts with any of the four supported geo-tags described here: GMAP links, zipcode categories, the “Where” tag, or GeoRSS.

I just signed up for this — took about a minute — so now I can start tagging anything I’d put in my “Austin” category so that it shows up on Neat, huh?

Let a hundred Austin placebloggers bloom . . .

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