Change the world.

May 18th, 2007

Guy Kawasaki has posted a great short interview with Richard Stearns, who leads the charity group World Vision.

Ten (or so) Questions with Richard Stearns

The most compelling bit, to me, was this:

To really change the world, values must change. Consider the civil rights movement. Racial discrimination was once openly accepted in the United States. Today it is unacceptable to our mainstream culture. Very few of us are civil rights activists, but we let our values speak in our work places, our schools and to our elected officials.

Today, we live in a world that tolerates extreme poverty much like racism was tolerated fifty-plus years ago. We can all become people determined to do something to change the world. We can speak up, we can volunteer and we can give. Ending extreme poverty will take money, political and moral will, and a shift in our value system. When enough ordinary people embrace these issues, things will begin to change.

Serious food for thought — and grist for action.

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