Go get ’em, Senator Ogden!

February 27th, 2007

I don’t have any particular brief for or against Texas Southern University, the Texas Youth Commission, or the Texas Department of Transportation (well, nobody like TxDOT) but I’m just glad to hear someone with clout — Texas Senate Finance chairman Steve Ogden — rake some bloated bureaucracies over the coals.  Patricia Kilday Hart does the explaining at Texas Monthly’s BurkaBlog.

This country would be a far better place, in my opinion, if politicians of all stripes took it upon themselves to ensure that publicly owned institutions really did spend their efforts promoting the public weal.  Ogden’s comments reinforce my overall notion that most government bodies could be shrunk by a sizeable fraction (a third? at least?) with net benefits to the citizenry — if we took the time and effort to shrink them the right way.

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