More light on Texas coal.

February 12th, 2007

My friend Michael Webber just published an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle, in which he deconstructs both TXU’s recently issued “Fact Book” and the “Coal Is Filthy” campaign to which I referred the other day.

Scare tactics clouding Texas debate on coal

In the overheated debate about how Texas will generate future electricity, too many parties are playing fast and loose with the truth — and in the process spooking citizens. We need to see past these scare tactics to take an objective look at Texas’ energy future. […]

The way out of this mess is to remember first that powerplants can last 50 years or more, and second that conservation can be effective immediately to take the edge off of peak power demand. In a matter of months in 2001, California reduced peak power demand by 5 gigawatts without cramping lifestyle or hurting the economy. Texas can implement a similar program, buying ourselves time and avoiding a bad decision that we might regret for decades to come. […]

The whole thing is well worth reading.

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