More on coal-fired power in Texas.

February 8th, 2007

If you’re interested in this issue at all, hitch yourself to the Texas Observer Blog.  Today they ran a great inside-baseball piece by Forrest Wilder on the efforts of Texas Senate member Troy Fraser to rein in electric utilities.

This isn’t re-regulation exactly, but an aggressive attempt to fix a legislatively-created market that hasn’t worked for consumers. And Fraser – a conservative, pro-business Republican – may have found the perfect bogeyman in TXU. Certainly the dogpile on this increasingly maligned company is growing.

Oh, and the opponents of the TXU coal plants have put together a harsh, compelling ad campaign:  Face It — Coal Is Filthy.

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  1. Common Sense » Blog Archive » More light on Texas coal. Says:

    […] My friend Michael Webber just published an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle, in which he deconstructs both TXU’s recently issued “Fact Book” and the “Coal Is Filthy” campaign to which I referred the other day. Scare tactics clouding Texas debate on coal […]

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