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Miscellaneous reading du matin.

Monday, June 11th, 2007

(Do I still have the mad French chops, or what?)

“How much money do you make?” I like this Fast Company blog item so much because it exactly reflects my own opinion, often expressed, of what I wish my own company would do. If it rankles people, fine, let it. But it would necessarily lead management (at my own well-run company, but all the more so at poorly run ones) to come to grips with the inconsistencies in their handling of people.

“1840s democracy” Not like interesting thoughts from Seth Godin are anything new, but I’m with him here. Indeed, I’d go one further and say that we should do away with the Electoral College system altogether. (I’m hardly the only one, either.)

–I’m fascinated by the potential explanatory power of a meteorite/comet strike in North America roughly 13,000 years ago. Doc Searls has more, with links.

–A cause worthy of your attention: ocean conservation. If you want to read more in user-friendly language, check out Dr. Mark Powell’s blog.

(Well, durn. Now I realize that it’s no longer morning as I write this, so my crazy-fluent French in the subject line is no longer accurate. Heck, though, I read all of this stuff in the morning, so we’ll just leave it be. Besides “du matin” reads a lot better than “de l’apres-midi” . . .)