Do yourself a favor and see ROMA.

January 2nd, 2019

I watched Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA yesterday on a 70mm print at the Alamo Ritz in downtown Austin. Rather than tell you more about the movie, I’m going to recommend that you go into it with no more than what you’ll find out by watching the trailer above — or even less than that, as I did.

Suffice it to say: this mostly quiet, intense movie is intimate, at times heart-rending, and impossible to forget. I cried. At moments I had my heart in my throat. I connected with the characters. And later in the day my girlfriend and I discussed the movie for easily an hour.

Cuarón is one of the living masters of cinema, and ROMA is a very personal masterpiece from his hand. Not just worth seeing, but worth seeing on the big screen.

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