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January 17th, 2014

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If you’ve been tuned in for very long, you know that I plan to make my living writing books at some point. Meanwhile, there are the pesky details of helping keep my family in groceries and health insurance and whatnot. This month, though, I’ve made a major step on my path toward being a full-time book writer: I’ve transitioned out of my W-2 job (which I liked) and into full-time freelance and contract work. It’s going great so far, and I enjoy the mix of working with several different clients and editors.

What exactly am I doing? It echoes my “What do you write?” post from last month. Here’s the modified list of what’s taking up my time, in descending order of how much attention it’s getting:

1. Content marketing

I’ll slightly adapt what I wrote in that other post: This has been my bread and butter for years, and contracting in this vein is taking up most of my time right now. Over the years, I’ve written or edited everything from Web site copy to technical papers to sales decks. For three different employers, this has meshed with running their social media outlets as well. My particular niche is enterprise B2B technology content marketing. That means I’m good at learning how to talk about a new type of technology that is sold into big businesses, then translating that into all of the content that helps sell that technology. (If you’re not familiar with this use of the term, “enterprise” here means “sold to great big companies.”)

2. Blogging

Besides writing here, I am taking paid assignments to blog on technology, business, and other topics within my range of expertise. This builds on the blogging I’ve done for past employers and as a sideline. (Here’s a recent example from the Intuit QuickBase blog: “The Cure after Diagnosing a Bad Project Manager.”)

3. Article writing for periodicals

It’s been a few years since I’ve written magazine pieces; it’s possible I’ll publish more of them this year than ever before.

4. Short fiction

My piles of draftwork are slowly taking shape into finished stories. My goal for this year is to submit 30 pieces — a mix of literary and speculative fiction — for publication. (You can see some of my fiction sketches on this very blog.)

5. Long-form nonfiction

As with short fiction, I have reams of notes and draftwork on nonfiction topics. I’d like to have a finished book proposal and an agent by the middle of 2014.

6. Novels

It may be that any novels I finish drafting this year will only ever see the inside of my filing cabinet. That’s fine by me, but I shall finish novel manuscripts this year.

In all of this, I would be happy to benefit from your well-wishes and your practical advice. If you know someone who might pay me for anything that fits under headings 1 – 4, that would be even better.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

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  1. Jim Haley Says:

    If you succeed in getting a proposal into the market by mid-2014, let me know how you did it!

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