I Will Dance for Your Entertainment

June 2nd, 2013

I intend to write books for a living. Perhaps you know this?

Here’s the rub: I haven’t been acting like it. I write all the time — columns and e-mails and project plans and tweets and whatnot — but I’ve been more than haphazard with my approach to writing serious prose.

Maybe the problem relates directly to “seriousness.” On the one hand, you can get overwhelmed by thoughts like, “Oh, shit — this is the real grown-up stuff. I’ll actually need to submit this. I’m not ready.” So the seriousness of it scares you off. On the other hand, you don’t actually commit to the work required to bring a particular project within reach. So you fail to commit seriously.

I’m not beating up on myself. Life has been hectic. I have a day job that I like — one that’s required to pay the bills — and to do it at all well requires an enormous outlay of time and energy. I have a family. I have friendships to maintain. I want to keep myself fit. And so on with the realities of a life full of obligations.

Yet I’ve allowed those obligations to shoulder aside my writing time, and to inhibit my growth as a writer. Which is a correctable mistake — one that I’m correcting now.

Here’s what I’m telling you: I shall endeavor to entertain you with my prose, as much as you’re willing to imbibe, and I shall continue until I am no longer physically able to write. I’m hoping that means 70 books or so.

Shall we dance?

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