On second thought, no I won’t.

February 12th, 2011

[Somehow the initial version of this post got lost in the ether. Thanks to Bryan Person for pointing out the glitch.]

A few posts ago, I praised my sister’s book-reading and -blogging habits, and said that I would try to follow her lead in reading more books and writing thumbnail reviews of each book I finish. I’m already doing the former, but I’ve decided not to do the latter.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve read this blog for any time, you know that I have trouble with clutter. I’m not one of those Hoarders-style packrats, but I always have too many papers on my desk and too many projects going. That happens because I have a short attention span and lots of ideas, and those two things interact to get me to run after ideas — and launch projects — without considering all the other unfinished business that will now be competing with yet one more piece of busy-ness. With so many unfinished projects lying around, clutter can’t help but ensue.

So here’s a project I’ll nip in the bud. If I write about a book, it will be because I particularly think it’s worth talking about.

And I’ll let you know when my eventual victory over clutter comes.

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