It Begins Here, Again.

August 8th, 2010

Me, yesterday:


My verdict on my physique & overall fitness: meh.

To give myself credit:

  • I’m 38 and, at 5’10”, I’ve kept my weight between 155 and 168 since I filled out as a junior in high school — with the exception of the second half of last year, when I intentionally went 10 pounds above the top end of that range by lifting weights and eating so as to put on more muscle. (You can see the results of that program, such as they were, via this link.)
  • I just started a new job with a steep learning curve and a longer commute from home, so my time is more constrained than it was.
  • The kids are out of school and out of camp, which again affects the time I have available for working out.
  • I’ve been working out a little bit anyway.

To avoid giving excuses:

  • So what?

The fact is, I haven’t been making the time to get in the shape I want to be in, whether that means lifting weights, walking in the cool of the morning, prepping healthy lunches in advance, or what have you.

So I’m publicizing my quest to do something better. The point isn’t to complain about where I am — because where I am is okay — but to make myself accountable for achieving something more-than-okay. For those of you who are interested in helping out with this, I’m asking you to help keep me accountable — and to help encourage my progress — via this blog.

I look to many sources of inspiration, but one I came back across this week is Dave Tate, who has been documenting his own progress in reshaping his body on the site for his company, EliteFTS. My outcomes will be very different from Dave’s, since (a) he’s a champion powerlifter, (b) fitness is his livelihood, (c) our physical frames are very different, (d) I’m never going to use nutritional supplements to the degree that he does, and, most importantly (e) my goals are different from his.

What are my goals? That will be the topic of my next fitness post, so stay tuned . . . 

5 Responses to “It Begins Here, Again.”

  1. Rod Cushing Says:

    OK Tim,

    I won’t post a picture of my physique although it is quite similar to yours; just invert the triangular shape where the apex is above the base. I am competing with an old Coastie buddy to see who can lose the largest percentage of weight by October. Right now trying to watch diet; get up every morning and walk around the pond (while fishing), and I will try to spend more time on the exercise bike.

    I look forward to your goals and the development of my own for the long term…

  2. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Rod.

    As this post indicates, I’ve found that external reinforcement — from a workout buddy etc. — is a great way to go, because it means you don’t rely on just your own willpower.

    Also: I think you’re on the right track. Just *tweak* your intake (less empty carbs, slightly smaller portions, etc.) and bump up your physical activity. Scientific studies have found that the long-term average difference between those who maintain ideal weight and those who don’t is often less than 150 calories of intake and just a couple-hundred calories of exertion.

    So it doesn’t have to be an expedition to the source of the Nile, is what I’m saying.

    More power to you.

  3. MizFit Says:

    uh wow. you already look great—but I entirely hear what youre saying.
    and Im in
    as a CHEERtasker.

    a lovingproddernaggerencourager.

  4. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks, MizFit!

  5. Edward R. O'Neill, Ph.D. Says:

    You look basically healthy.

    They say muscle burns fat, but it also makes the number on the scale rise in a way that can be alarming.

    Your diet? Are you altering that, too?

    Cutting all refined carbohydrates can go a long way towards shedding a few extra pounds.

    I look not so different from you and have weighed 20 pounds less–and 20 pounds more.

    I have eaten every weird combination there is: no meat, all meat, nothing artificial, mostly artificial.

    My own terrible discovery is: unless I’m compulsive about either eating or exercise or both, absolutely nothing changes.

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