Writing a New Chapter in My Career.

July 11th, 2010

Exciting news for me: this week I start my new job as a content marketer for BreakingPoint Systems here in Austin.

Just some of the reasons I’m stoked:

  • BreakingPoint is a small(ish), fast-paced company that will provide me with daily opportunities to expand my business skills.
  • The job description might have been written specifically with me in mind. Besides drawing heavily on my writing skills, the role will build on the chops I laid down as a marketer and social media pro over the past three years at Hoover’s. And even though I don’t already have specific grounding in the network security hardware business, I’ll be able to draw on the seven prior years that I spent in Hoover’s editorial department, when I covered hard-core tech like semiconductors and scientific instrumentation.
  • I get to work alongside my good friend Kyle Flaherty. [Cue Troy McClure voice from The Simpsons . . . ] You may remember Kyle from his role as my co-panelist in this year’s South by Southwest Interactive session on sports metaphors. [End Troy McClure voice.] I know I’ll learn a lot from Kyle, as well as from our boss Pam O’Neal, whom I’ve already known for a couple of years in Austin’s social media circles.
  • Kyle and I talk a lot with each other about fitness, but now we’ll get to work out together regularly. (He tells me that this was the aspect of my hire that made him most skittish, but that’s only because he knows I will CRUSH him.)

It’s bittersweet to leave Hoover’s after ten (!) years. Besides being the place where I’ve had the longest job tenure — I worked there longer than I lived in my boyhood hometown — Hoover’s is also where I learned the most about business, as both an analyst and practitioner, and where I made the most good friends in business.

I’m particularly grateful that Hoover’s gave me three starts in my career: as a full-time writer, as a marketer, and as a social media practitioner. I’m also pleased to say that I worked for ten years there without ever reporting to a bad manager, which sounds like some kind of miracle unless you’ve been inside Hoover’s walls and grasped its tradition as a workplace where people treat each other like human beings.

Oh, and in case anyone’s curious, it was purely my decision to leave Hoover’s. I was ready for something new, the opportunity at BreakingPoint opened up at a perfect time, . . . and the rest is history. I’m glad I worked on — and in some cases built — the ground floor of Hoover’s social media efforts, and I look forward to seeing how the company grows in years to come.

So, the short version: cool new job, nifty people and product, starts Wednesday, woo-hoo!


33 Responses to “Writing a New Chapter in My Career.”

  1. Jodi Henderson Says:

    Many congrats. Sounds like a great opportunity!

  2. Adam Cohen Says:

    Wow! A sincere congrats to you Tim…Breaking Point is picking up a great content strategist. Looking forward to seeing your impact and hope to grab a beer to celebrate soon!

  3. Meg Says:

    Anywhere you go is lucky to have you. You are brilliant, wise, hard working, and entirely awesome. So proud of you for making the leap to do something new, and walk a little further down your path.

  4. Nedra Weinreich Says:

    Congratulations, Tim! Sounds like a great move, and I wish you much success in the new job.

  5. David B. Thomas Says:

    Congratulations! Very exciting news.

  6. Bryan Person Says:

    I think this is my New England talk coming out of me here, but I’m “psyched” for you, Tim! Congratulations to you on the big move! Pam, Kyle, and crew at BreakingPoint are picking up one talented dude!

  7. Kyle Flaherty Says:


  8. Chuck Hemann Says:

    Congrats to you Tim! This is a fantastic hire for Kyle/Breaking Point team. Wishing you all the best.

  9. Jeff Dorsch Says:

    Any other jobs open there? Seriously, congratulations, Tim!

  10. Ed Illig Says:

    Congrats, Tim! What good fortune for BreakingPoint. And for you, I gather, the adrenaline boost of a new challenge couched in an environment sporting familiar and welcome faces – that’s good stuff.

  11. Kipp Bodnar Says:

    Wow! Congrats this is a great move for you. BreakingPoint is lucky to have you!

  12. Laura P Thomas Says:

    Congratulations on the new gig! I’m sure Hoovers will miss you, but I hope you enjoy it and I hope they appreciate the great talent they’re getting. Rock on!

  13. Jill Elswick Says:

    Congrats, Tim – both for what you did with Hoover’s and for what you will do with BreakingPoint. Your tweeting as a representative for Hoover’s was a great example of how a smart, witty, good writer and marketer can engage an audience with good questions and information – without too many sales pitches. You had the balance just right. I’m sure you’ll take all you learned and apply it at the new job.

  14. Daysha Says:

    Absolutely proud and happy for you! Rawk it!

  15. Jeff Johannigman Says:

    Wow! Congrats Tim. Sounds like an exciting new adventure. Let us know how well the reality stacks up to the expectations.


  16. Babar Bhatti Says:

    Great news, congratulations Tim. Will ping you next time I’m in Austin.


  17. Heather Strout Says:

    Tim, I”m so happy for you and I can’t wait to hear about this great new adventure for you.


  18. Elmer Says:

    Congrats on the new gig.

  19. RS Gnome Says:

    Tim – I told the boys about this on the flight home from Toronto and they all wanted me to pass along congrats and good luck. Papi said something about dedicating his effort tonight in the HR Derby to you and Youk suggested you spend a little more time next year making sure he gets the nod for the All Star Game. Even Bill Lee chimed in via DM and wanted me to invite you to Vermont for an iced tea and some old school baseball talk.

    Rock on!

    RS | @redsoxgnome

  20. Val Says:

    Way to go, Tim! Very happy for you. Could it already be 10 years ago that we conducted that fateful interview that brought you into the Hoov fold? Time sure does fly.

    Congrats on the move.


  21. Dan Markovitz Says:

    Tim — congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading your new blog!

    Now, is Will Smith on board with this move?

  22. Tyson Goodridge Says:

    Tim- wow- that is great, great news for you! Next time you come to Boston (IMS’10?)
    Let’s drink a toast to the Yankees (ahem, Red Sox)

    Seriously, I am really excited for you, and especially for the whole fitness thing with Kyle- my money is on you.


  23. Aaron K Says:

    Congrats, Tim.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more posts.


  24. John McTigue Says:

    Rebirth, reinvention, rejuvenation, all good “re’s”. Looking forward to your morph.

    Best, John McTigue

  25. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks, everybody! I’ve been overwhelmed by the responses here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, so please forgive me if I don’t respond to everyone individually.

    Jeff D. — I’ve got you marked down on my jobs spreadsheet. :)

    RS Gnome — But what did Jim Ed say?

    Val — It *is* hard to believe, isn’t it? I had a *lot* of those pre-ButterKrust thoughts leading up to my last day. ~snif~

    Dan — Actually, it was Will who suggested it to me . . . ;)

  26. Colin Says:

    Congrats Tim!!

  27. Monica Williams Says:

    Wow, huge! Great news, Tim. Change and progress and new environments… all good stuff. Have fun being the new guy for a little while, then break that place open!

  28. Jen Zingsheim Says:

    Congrats! I hope you enjoy your new gig, as I’m sure you will. Hopefully, there will still be the ability to carve out some time to join us on the Roundtable! :-)

    Best of luck,

  29. Tommy Landry Says:

    Congratulations on the new job with such a cool team and company. I’m a big fan of Pam and Kyle, as well as the work they’ve been doing over at Breaking Point. With their attention and help, you should pick up the tech without too much delay.

  30. Tiffany Monhollon Says:

    Congrats, Tim! What an exciting new chapter!

  31. Alan Weinkrantz Says:

    Great gig!!! congrats.

  32. Dan Guest Says:

    Congrats Tim! I always referred to you as the voice Hoovers.

  33. Suzanne Says:

    You go, Tim! So jazzed for you. That’s exciting all the way around.

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