Here, have a teacup.

May 10th, 2010


It will neatly contain the tempest that broke across Twitter over the past hour or two.

What happened: Everybody’s “Following” and “Follower” counts were reset to zero. These numbers show how many Twitter accounts you follow and how many follow you, i.e. they prove that you exist on Twitter because without them life would mean nothing.


  • “Oh, the noes!”
  • “What does it MEAN?”
  • “This is so Zen. I mean, it’s like, we’re speaking into the void? And no one’s there? So we become more aware of our own thoughts and how they evolve in our minds? And are made to think about how much of our minds are truly our own, versus how much we shape our consciousness in reaction to each other? And . . .”
  • . . .

But then, in the fullness of time, order was restored to the Universe when the Great Numbers retook their rightful places in every Twitter profile.

(It was a teeny bug, explained here.)

Ah, the silliness . . .


(Image by bikini sleepshirt, used under a BY-NC-SA license.)

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  1. Bryan Person Says:

    I was on a plane when this happened, apparently, and was blissfully unaware of it all!

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