My K.I.S.S. workout for 17 February 2010.

February 17th, 2010


No, not THAT K.I.S.S. — I mean, “keep it simple, stupid sweetheart.”

This week is crazy-jam-packed for me. I can’t spare the time for huge workouts. So, when in doubt, I revert to first principles for weightlifting, one of the most important of which is “Compound before simple.”

Without further ado . . . today’s workout:

  • Easy warmup on spin bike — about 7 minutes.
  • Barbell squats: 8 x 95# warmup, then 4 x 15 x 115#
  • Steam room.

Done and dusted.


(Photo by Anirudh Koul, used under a CC-Noncommercial license.)

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