You are entering a hard hat area.

February 5th, 2010

Or, rather, you WILL be as you spend hour upon hour of your weekend reading through my extensive archives here. (This is how you spend your weekends, right?)

This weekend I’ll be doing some overdue technical housekeeping on the blog, so you may get some strange results — up to and including a big pile o’ nothing — if you wander in at the right moment.


2 Responses to “You are entering a hard hat area.”

  1. Bryan Person Says:

    In other words, we enter the blog at our own risk, huh? If I do stop by, I’ll be sure to don my digital hard hat!

  2. What I’ve Learned So Far » Blog Archive » My Nerd-Fu Is Weak. Says:

    […] That’s what I learned during several hours of frustration yesterday. As I mentioned on Friday, I wanted to spruce up the backend of my blog this weekend — it’s been overdue for updates for, uh, a while — and . . . there went half of my Sunday. Looking on the bright side, some good things did happen. Among them, (1) I have a couple of extremely thorough manual backups of my blog tucked away in safe places, (2) I know a lot more about upgrading WordPress than I did, and (3) I have a fair idea of what I need to do next, even if I’m unclear about how to do it. As if I needed convincing, I was also reminded of the generosity of my friends, since no less than four people of strong Nerd-Fu responded to my piteous cries on Twitter with offers to help. […]

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