Twitter works to stop the INSANITY.

February 5th, 2010

From my trusty @Twalk account, I’ve tweeted 26,000+ times. But this week, that number — which is displayed on my Twitter page and is an easily-checked barometer for how active someone is on Twitter — mysteriously tripled. At this moment, it looks like this:


Don’t I wish.

So, it’s a bug and it’s been logged in Twitter’s bug tracking system. But when I checked on it yesterday, this was the latest word:

UPDATE: 02/02/10 – This bug is a low priority issue because it does not prevent users from fully using Twitter. We do not expect to have this issue fixed in the immediate future for this reason. Please leave a comment below if you are affected by this issue. Thank you!

See, for normal, well-adjusted people, this would be an adequate response. But for the sad, hard-bitten souls who live on Twitter (read: “me”), “fully using Twitter” includes constant — AND ACCURATE — access to The Great Validating Number. I mean, how do I know I really exist without my 26,307 tweets (or whatever the number really is because at this point I don’t KNOW which is why I’m coming a little unGLUED here andhowcouldtheyTHINK . . . )?

*cleansing breaths*

I’m better now. Especially because I read this:

UPDATE: 02/05/10 – A higher number of accounts are affected by this bug than we previously guessed. This problem is now important and have engineers currently working on resolving the improper tweet counts. We expect to have a fix released relatively soon.

They have seen the light. Help is on the way. Meanwhile, the Twitter nation turns its lonely eyes to Tweetstats . . .

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