Stop looking for trouble.

February 4th, 2010


See that beehive? Don’t poke it.

If you know you have a particular weakness, steer away from it.


  • Recovering alcoholics avoid bars.
  • Recovering overeaters stock their fridges and pantries with adequate amounts of healthy food, not cake and soda.
  • Writers with an Internet addiction — e.g. John Scalzi — know when to unplug the DSL and just work.
  • If you know that a non-essential topic is a sore subject with your friend / family member / boss / colleague / whomever, just don’t bring it up.
  • If you’re prone to distraction, turn off your e-mail and your RSS feeds.

I’m sure you could supply me with more examples from your own life (and please do). My point is a simple one, but when I consider my own penchant for, say, online grazing, I think it bears repeating: each day will bring enough trouble of its own, so don’t go looking for more.


(Photo by Sara Schroeder, used under a CC-Noncommercial license.)

4 Responses to “Stop looking for trouble.”

  1. Meg Says:

    Another lovely post :}

    Sigh. My name is Meg and I’m an overthinker.

    Welcome, Meg.

    If there’s a problem I’ll chew and chew and chew and then take that problem and stick it in my hair. If there’s not a problem, I’ll find one. Or create one. Ask my wonderfully patient boyfriend, it makes him NUTS because I do it constantly with our relationship.

    Call it insecurity if you must but it’s more a learned pattern of having been let down so many times in the past on all fronts {read: family, friends, romantically} that it’s second nature to second guess people. Hell, it’s been a necessary survival tool for me. I’ve avoided disaster more times than I care to count by jumping ship prematurely. However, as I get older and crave a connection with people, it makes that part infinitely more difficult.

    So I guess you could say that my “beehive” is contentedness. I wish I could just step back and be happy with being happy. Thanks for your advice – it’s very very true.


  2. Glenda Spain Says:

    Tim, please do me a favor! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! At least two of the things on the list are things I’m very, very bad about. I won’t tell you which two, but you probably already know them, so there! As my granddaughter would say!

    Great Post! :) I’m slinking away and hoping to do better!

  3. Esin Says:

    Great advice (re: Internet/distractions), but if I follow this, how will I be able to read all your great posts ;-)

  4. Tim Walker Says:

    Meg — Glad if I helped. I’m pretty contented about most things, but so-very-not-contented about my few beehive issues.

    Mom — The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!


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