NFL: And Then There Were Two.

January 25th, 2010


Finally some placekickers had a good day in the NFL playoffs. Last night during the Vikings-Saints game, Fox answered my question from last week — “Is it just me, or has the kicking really been that bad?”

The answer: “No, it’s not just you.” During the regular season this year, NFL kickers hit more than 80 percent of all field-goal attempts; to that point in last night’s game (i.e. not including Hartley’s game-winning kick in overtime), kickers had barely broken 55 percent as a group during the playoffs.

Anyway, I picked right for both of the conference title games, and now we have the matchup called “Archie Manning’s Nightmare.” I expect 5,000+ stories on Manning in the next two weeks, and 50+ live shots of him when his son leads the Colts against Archie’s longtime team in Miami.

By the way, my buddy Kyle and I have matched each other round for round — pick for pick, in fact — up to this point in the playoffs.

And now, my Superbowl pick . . . Colts by 3, which would cement Peyton Manning’s historical reputation beyond any doubt.

That said, I’m hoping the Saints will pull it out. Even 4+ years after Katrina, New Orleans still needs all the love it can get.

What’s your pick?

(Photo by Alysha Jordan, used under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.)

2 Responses to “NFL: And Then There Were Two.”

  1. Jenna Woodul Says:

    Manning is amazing; he’s a smart guy, the likely winning quarterback. But the story is on the side of the Saints. New Orleans needs love, and numerous of the Saints — Brees and Bush among them — have been dishing it out, personally. Time to get some back and celebrate it with the whole city :-)

  2. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Jenna. If we pick favorites based on how the respective home cities will celebrate a win . . . Saints by a landslide. :)

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