A horrible year for NFL kickers.

January 18th, 2010


Mind you, I haven’t looked at stats to determine if field-goal accuracy really is down across the board this year, but the failures of good placekickers in the current NFL playoffs have been many and awful. The kickers for Cincinatti, Arizona, and, in last night’s excruciating loss, San Diego have all put up brutal showings at the worst possible times for their teams.

Also anecdotally, I feel like I’ve seen more bad kickoffs this year than at any time in my memory. My question to you, O NFL fan:

Is it just me, or has the kicking really been that bad?

On to other things, namely my past and future picks for the NFL playoffs.

  • Last week I picked the Saints, Colts, Cowboys, and Chargers, so I went 2-for-4 in the games just completed. This is a fair sight better than my first-round showing of 0-for-4.
  • Hoping to continue my upward trajectory, I now pick Saints over Vikings and Colts over Jets for the conference championships.
  • I think the Colts are the favorites from here on out. That said, any ultimate winner besides the Colts would be more interesting, in my book, since the other remaining teams have either never won a Superbowl, or haven’t won one in ages and ages.

Who do you like from here on out?


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3 Responses to “A horrible year for NFL kickers.”

  1. Jenna Woodul Says:

    I can’t help myself; I would love to see Brett Favre win it. I’m not supposed to feel this way, living in close quarters with a Packer fan still bruised over the whole thing. However, seeing the Vikings take it would provide me glorious vicarious gratification for no good reason–other than maybe how many fantasy points I got from him this year, which was a lot.

  2. Tim Walker Says:

    This is one of the reasons I don’t play fantasy sports, Jenna. ;)

  3. What I’ve Learned So Far » Blog Archive » NFL: And Then There Were Two. Says:

    […] Finally some placekickers had a good day in the NFL playoffs. Last night during the Vikings-Saints game, Fox answered my question from last week — “Is it just me, or has the kicking really been that bad?” […]

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