Against “frak.”

January 14th, 2010


Also “fark,” “frakking,” “farking,” “farging,” et cetera.

The characters on Battlestar Galactica — whence “frak” comes — may be forgiven: they have television censors to deal with. But the rest of us? No.

By the way, I once heard a friend of mine say “What the flip?!” about something. Not that either, please.

My point: we have lots of great epithets in the English language. For that matter, nothing prevents you from shouting “Merde!” when the time is right, with bonus points if you sound like a Parisian cabbie doing it. You can pick and choose what you want to say, and — in my humble opinion — it’s far better to use the swear you actually mean, rather than an Olestra / Splenda / Mockolate version of a swear you’re too timid to actually say.

So, instead of “Thing X is a farking pain to do” — which I read today in a blog comment thread — try one of these:

  • Mild: “Thing X is a complete pain to do.”
  • Less mild: “Thing X is a complete pain in the ass to do.”
  • Warmer: “Thing X is a damn pain in the ass to do.”
  • Warmer still but censored: “Thing X is a $%^& pain to do.” (I mean if you actually type “$%^&” as opposed to, say, “gosh-darn.”)
  • Hot: Just go ahead and drop the F-bomb. That’s what it’s for.

Who’s with me on this?

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  1. Suzanne Says:

    Oh, I am, I am. F-n-A, I am. ;-) But, only when I put a fake, little wink after it so you know I’m not mad. It’s just a combination of four different letters put in a row and we give it meaning through its (constant, multiple) usage. Amen. (Oh, that’s another one!) ;-)

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