My NFL picks for the coming weekend, BECAUSE YOU CARE.

January 11th, 2010

How do I know you care? Because, geez, I can feel your concern all the way over here, people. Maybe if you cared a little less, I could ignore this disturbance on the psychic plane and get some work done, you know?


  • Saints over Cardinals.
  • Colts over Ravens.
  • Cowboys over Vikings (upset!).
  • Chargers over Jets.

Keep in mind that I went zero-for-four on playoff picks in the weekend just passed, so you should probably just adopt the Costanza Rule here and pick the opposite of what I do.

2 Responses to “My NFL picks for the coming weekend, BECAUSE YOU CARE.”

  1. Glenda Spain Says:

    The only one I really care about is the Chargers.

  2. What I’ve Learned So Far » Blog Archive » A horrible year for NFL kickers. Says:

    […] Last week I picked the Saints, Colts, Cowboys, and Chargers, so I went 2-for-4 in the games just completed. This is a fair sight better than my first-round showing of 0-for-4. […]

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