January 1st, 2010

Taking inspiration from my friend Carla, who took inspiration from her friend Michelle, I’m “exposing” myself . . .


That was me on December 1.

Why do this? Two reasons: First, and more importantly, I join Carla, Michelle, and other fitness bloggers in “Exposed” as a reminder that each of us can pursue fitness on our own terms.

I don’t mind taking my shirt off at the pool, but I also have noticeable scars, and my body won’t be landing me on the cover of any magazines. And so what? We don’t all have to be poster-ready to appreciate the bodies we have. Embrace who you are.

My second reason for doing this is to remind myself of what my fitness was like at a particular moment. Who knows what I’ll look like in another six months, or when 2010 rolls over to 2011? It might be enlightening to have this photo to look back on. If the results are interesting, six or 12 months from now, I’ll share those here, too.

No pressure at all to comment (I’m not under the impression that my physique is comment-worthy), but if you’d like to share your thoughts on body image, please fire away.

9 Responses to “Exposed.”

  1. Michelle@Eatingjourney Says:

    WHAT AN AWESOME SURPRISE! Thank you for doing this! WOO HOO! You look great and accepting where you’re at it such an important thing.


  2. Carla Says:

    You rock. I shan’t make this comment into a post about bodyimage as lord knows I ramble about that far too often as it is ;) yet Ive been surprised how fewfewfew men have joined in the exposed!movement.

    I asked my husband to do a post (even with his head lopped off like my post) & he flatly refused.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on that…in a future post perhaps?

  3. Glenda Says:

    I’m amazed! And I see that the scar from your Vietnam War days is diminishing! :)

    You are so surprising! Keep going, big boy! I love those pecs!

  4. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, ladies.

    Carla, I’m pondering what your husband’s (and other men’s) reactions might mean. Hmm . . .

  5. Dad Says:

    Explain to me, son…why couldn’t you have felt this grand exercise motivation when you were still home with us??? I was always looking for a partner in pain. Now, you have left me in the dusty archives of muscle “memory” (i.e., I can only *remember* having muscles, not have them). However, your success has challenged me to make an attempt at restoration of my former “glory” during 2010! Look out, son, here I come! ;-)

  6. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Dad — I’m looking forward to your “restoration”!

    I do fondly remember lifting weights with you in the garage and at the YMCA (where you also taught me how to play racquetball, as I recall). In those days, I guess I became more of a runner, but injuries have kept me from getting serious about that again in the past few years.

    I guess the root of the motivation is this: I enjoyed lifting weights every time I did it regularly (in college, when I worked on the UT campus, during my summer in Vermont, etc.) — but I would let myself fall in and out of a routine with it. Now I’m just sticking with the routine for the long haul.

    Glad to have you join me!

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