Rapid-fire 2: Correspondence.

August 23rd, 2008


No big deal, but if you’re one of my regular correspondents — or, heck, if you merely aspire to such an exalted status — please expect slower, shorter, and less obsessive message-answering from me. In other words, please expect me to be a sometimes-bad correspondent going forward.

Why? Mainly so I can devote more time to my New Year’s resolution to “Eliminate unfinished business in my life.” I don’t expect to be quite as bad about correspondence as Neal Stephenson, but I do intend to pursue some “good procrastination” on things like correspondence so that I won’t do bad procrastination with my Ph.D. work, my book-writing, et cetera.

Have no fear — if you send me something that needs a response, you’ll get one. But it may take a little while. Otherwise, please expect loads of radio silence in place of my usual chatter.

Oh, and expect me to display a light heart as I get my Big Work done.


(Picture by L. Marie.)

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