My Twitter usage: an update.

July 10th, 2008

Back in December, I talked some nonsense about trying not to write 8,000 tweets (i.e. the short messages one sends via Twitter) in the coming year.

Current tweet total for yours truly: 8,194.

Two things:

1. I’ve gotten a lot more out of Twitter than I ever expected I would, and it hasn’t all been fun, games, and procrastinatory self-indulgence. Among other things, Twitter has been useful for introducing me to many influential / nifty people involved in social media, and it’s also helped my blogging considerably, both by giving me new ideas to blog about, and by giving me an excellent outlet for soliciting feedback for (and outright promotion of) my work.

2. After a debauched madcap period of super-high usage, I’ve tapered off my Twitter intensity, as shown in this month-by-month graph from TweetStats.


That is all.

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