What was that in yesterday’s mail?

July 1st, 2008

Why, a book to which I contributed, that’s what.

Celebrate with me, friends. Yesterday I received a box with this two-volume beauty in it:


The first volume contains my Cold War-esque thoughts on George H. W. Bush and on Computer Technology. For writing those two articles — and my wife was impressed to see that they were long entries, not little tidbits — I got a free copy of the encyclopedia to fondle lovingly and bring out at cocktail parties.

Now, I understand that at $475 it’s not likely to be a big beach read, so I’m not going to tell you to go out and buy your own copy. Heck, I wouldn’t make a penny off of it if you did get that crazy notion. But maybe, someday, when you’re stuck in an out-of-the-way university library waiting for your rendezvous with your spy handler, you can flip open the ol’ Encyclopedia of the Cold War and look for the entries authored by one T. E. Walker.

4 Responses to “What was that in yesterday’s mail?”

  1. Glenda Says:

    I’m impressed! Any time a writer’s name is on any thing published, is, as Martha would say, A good thing!


  2. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks, Mom!

  3. Zaid Says:

    A one T. E. Walker to be most proud of!!!

    Heartiest congratulations Tim.

  4. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Zaid!

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