Goodbye, Sudoku.

June 21st, 2008

Objet de Carte via The Ampersand.

Speaking of things that I’m giving up, it’s time to say goodbye to Sudoku puzzles. I’ve always loved word and shape and number and logic puzzles, and for a long time I was a regular solver of New York Times crosswords.

If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you may recall that I gave up Sudokus a while back. I’m often a backslider when it comes to resolutions like that, and lately I’ve fallen back into the Sudoku trap. On the plane to and from Seattle this week, I worked the puzzles on the Sudoku page of the in-flight magazine. Or rather, I worked the “Gentle” and “Moderate” puzzles, and started in on the “Diabolical” one.

Just now, as I opened the book I’m in the middle of reading, I found that puzzle again, tucked between the pages. I started to look over Mr. Diabolical while I brewed another pot of coffee, making no real headway in 10 or 15 minutes of puzzling.

And then, thinking of what I just wrote about giving up The New Yorker, it hit me: Sudoku puzzles are a lovely way to pass the time, but I don’t have extra time that needs passing. They have nothing to do with writing, which must be the sole focus of my work these days, and I can’t really share them with anybody. So, while Sudokus are fun, and a neat thing in their own right, they’re not my way of making a contribution.

The sheet of puzzles: gone. My Sudoku bookmarks: gone.

Sayonara, Sudoku. It was nice knowing you.

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