Two neat free-range learning tools: WorldWide Telescope and Visible Body.

March 4th, 2008

Attention, all ye who prize free-range learning, for yourselves and your children:

Visible Body Brings Human Anatomy to the Browser

. . . The purpose of the [WorldWide Telescope] software is to provide access to the world’s collected astronomical data and put it in the hands of regular people. Similarly, the Visible Body, which launches tomorrow, aims to do the same for human physiology.

Created by Argosy Publications, an animation and illustration firm that specializes in medical and scientific animations, the Visible Body is a neat interactive web animation tool that lets users explore the human anatomy and all its various systems. Created by the company’s specially trained biomedical visualization engineers over the past few years, the Visible Body is an accurate portrayal of the human body that we’re told is already being used in classrooms.

Here are links to these two tools:

Now, go ye and do some free-range science larnin’!

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