Three recommended beers . . .

January 4th, 2008

. . . all three of which, as it happens, come from northern California.

First, from the estimable North Coast Brewing Co. . . . Blue Star.


This has been a fave around our house (just for the grownups!) for several months now. Crisp and refreshing! (If you want fancier reviews than that, may I recommend Beer Advocate? ‘Cause I’m hardly a specialist.)

Second, also from the estimable North Coast Brewing Co. . . . PranQster:


I’ve only tried this Belgian-style ale once, but I really liked it.

Finally, from the apparently fine folks at Lagunitas Brewing Co. . . . Lagunitas Pale Ale:


It’s a pale ale, it’s yummy, it has a cute dog on the label and a matching cute dog on the cap. An excellent potable.

And if you’re trying these out in Austin, you can do no better than to buy them from my friends at . . . Grape Vine Market. That’s where I buy mine.

A happy weekend to you all!

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  1. Kris B. Says:

    Lagunitas is brewed about 20 minutes south of my home town – and I’ll agree that it’s tasty (and the dog’s cute, too).

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