Kris would appear to make excellent fudge.

December 21st, 2007

That, at least, is what I’ve surmised from reading this post on her blog.

Kris was kind enough to post the recipe, but I’m a lousy cook, so I’m afraid that I will be at the mercy of those around me who aren’t lousy cooks to come up with a sample batch for me to taste.

(Hint, hint!)

2 Responses to “Kris would appear to make excellent fudge.”

  1. Kris B Says:

    This is why I highly recommend grooming at least one child in the family to aspire to cooking. Or fudge making. It is good. I hope your hinting works!

  2. Tim Walker Says:

    Thanks, Kris. My mother has already followed up on my earlier hints, in part by offering a couple of fudge recipes so simple that even I could make them. Meanwhile, my daughter *has* been showing an interest in cooking . . .

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