Childlike absorption.

October 14th, 2007

My son likes Lego. By this I mean he really, really, REALLY likes Lego. Case in point: his most recent Lego catalog (yes, we’re on the mailing list for this — we signed up at his insistence) says on the cover that there are “More than 90 new items” in it. But my son, obsessed as he is with all things Lego, just reported to me that there are . . . wait for it . . . only 82 new items in the catalog.

He knows this, of course, because he went through the catalog painstakingly, page by page, searching out the items marked “NEW!” Like a Talmud scholar.

We’d all be happier, I think, if we took more opportunities to indulge this kind of childlike absorption in our interesting. Call it “flow” or “being in the moment” or “immersion” — but it’s a good way to live, since it frees your psyche to engage totally with the subject at hand.

UPDATE: He now informs me that the following issue of the catalog has 120 new products in it, so that’s the one that should have the “More than 90” claim on it.

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