Things I love: Bruce Eric Kaplan’s cartoons.

August 18th, 2007

My favorite New Yorker cartoonist is Bruce Eric Kaplan. A great cartoon in this week’s issue led me to dig around for Kaplan info online; I was surprised to find out that, besides being a cartoonist, he’s also a television writer, most notably for Six Feet Under. Here are more links for your delectation:

–Kaplan’s work at The New Yorker Store, so you can see samples of his cartoons.

–An interview with Kaplan at An excerpt:

You submitted to the New Yorker for three years before they accepted one of your cartoons. Have you since then tried to resubmit a cartoon they originally rejected?

No, I never look back at my old work. But I do tend to rework a lot of similar themes so I am sure I have unconsciously resubmitted very similar cartoons to ones that were rejected many years ago.

(This is a good reminder to be persistent when you’re trying to make your breaks in an artistic profession.)

–A Mediabistro excerpt from Kaplan’s 2004 book, This Is a Bad Time.

–The Wikipedia entry on Kaplan, which I’ve updated with information on his books.

I hope you enjoy his cartoons as much as I do.

4 Responses to “Things I love: Bruce Eric Kaplan’s cartoons.”

  1. austin Says:

    Was it the “oh no, pretend to be green” one?

    Meg is gonna blow that one up and hang it over her desk.

    Definitely my favorite New Yorker cartoonist.

  2. austin Says:


  3. austin Says:

    aww crap: that last comment didn’t work.


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