Mass linkulation.

June 15th, 2007

–Could we see a war break out between Venezuela and . . . The Netherlands? Maybe.

–The 50 best business blogs, according the The Times of London. (I’d be offended, but in truth BIZ is just getting off the ground.)

–Dave Winer suggests a death penalty for companies. The idea has merit.

–Forbes has an article on the world’s travel destinations most at risk of environmental destruction.

–As a demonstration of the endlessly recursive nature of the Internet, I offer this link to Treehugger’s list of green links of the week.

–Been meaning to post this one for a week: Scott Allen (nice guy; I met him briefly at SXSWi this year) offers a roundup of stories about LinkedIn. (I’m addicted to LinkedIn myself. If you know me, feel free to invite me into your LinkedIn network; my profile is here.)

–Here’s a neat site dedicated to learning foreign languages.  Tons of tips for how to do it better.

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